Air King 9166 20” Whole House Window Fan Review

A whole house fan is a great way to reduce the temperature and humidity inside your home without using an expensive-to-operate air conditioning system. The Air King 9166 20” Whole House Window Fan is one of the best choices on the market because it combines ease of installation and use with an affordable price and durable construction.

Before we get into this Air King whole house window fan review, I want to make sure you understand how these units work.

It’s simple really: They suck hot, humid air out of your home and replace it with cooler, drier air from outside.

If the air outside is warmer and more humid than the air in your home, whole house window fans don’t work very well. During seasons when there’s cool air outside at least in the mornings and evenings, however, these can be real money savers that can dramatically increase the comfort of your home without using a lot of electric power.

Is The Air King 9166 20” Whole House Window Fan A Good Choice?

this whole house window fan is my favorite choice
this whole house window fan is my favorite choice

The AirKing 9166 20″ Whole House Window Fan— available from Amazon — is not your average small window fan. It’s a large window exhaust fan that powerfully moves hot air out and brings cooler air in. While it can be noisy at its highest speed, you may not need to run it on high anyway. The fan is powerful and effective even at low speed.

In fact, it exchanges the air so quickly that you may not need to run it for very long at any one time, further decreasing your power usage.

Previous versions of the Air King whole house window fan had plastic blades, but these became less and less efficient over time and sometimes warped or broke in extreme conditions. The Air King 9166 now features all-metal construction for the best possible performance over the longest possible lifespan.

You may notice some vibration at its highest setting, but installing weather-stripping or padding around the unit can greatly reduce the noise if you find it more than you like.

What’s even better, the current model of the Air King 9166 ships with an energy-efficient motor that is somewhat less powerful than older models but consumes much less electricity. Since these whole house exhaust fans are usually intended to reduce your cooling bill, this is a nice improvement.

If you stop at your local home center or search online for whole house window fans, you’ll likely find a number of inexpensive models with small blades and weak motors that simply won’t do the job to exhaust heat from your home. At the opposite end of the spectrum are high-priced powerful attic fans that require professional installation and often provide an uncomfortable level of suction.

The Air King 9166 20″ Whole-House Window Fan is a nice compromise between those useless smaller units and the costly, unpleasant and difficult-to-install industrial units.

Final Thoughts

It makes sense to exhaust hot, humid air even if you have an air conditioning system. The Air King 9166 whole house window fan is perhaps the best fan on the market for doing that job.

Since it’s also easy to install, more energy-efficient than ever and available for purchase now, there’s no reason to continue spending so much on air conditioning or to spend another night tossing and turning because your house is too hot.

I hope this Air King whole house window fan review is crystal clear: Get one, and you won’t be sorry. And if you order the unit from Amazon, you get a great price as well as free shipping in many cases, saving you money.

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Could A Chiropractor Help Your Heel Pain From Running?

If you’re a runner and have recently started experiencing heel pain, you may have already been told the cause: plantar fasciitis. This painful condition is the result of the inflammation of a thick band inside your foot called, of course, the plantar fascia. And you may already know that if you don’t take some action soon, your days as runner could be over.

I confidently recommend shoe insoles for people like you with heel pain from running, but that’s not all you can do to remedy the problem. Not only are shoe insoles the least expensive thing you can do for plantar fasciitis pain, they’re also the most sensible thing to try first. They work equally well for Achilles tendonitis too.

But other options include cortisone injections, exercises and even surgery. When the pain is new, ice and rest may be all you need for temporary relief of symptoms. But the problem will almost certainly get worse without some definitive action.

It’s also important to never go barefooted once the pain starts since this causes direct pressure that makes the problem worse. Healing is rarely possible when you keep making things worse by mistreating your foot.

And you may not believe this, but some people swear by chiropractic care for heel pain too. Chiropractors treat more than just the spine; they treat all kinds of structural issues in the body. In other words, they treat bones, muscles, tendons and nerves, and there are plenty of those in the feet.

The exact nature of chiropractic treatment for PF pain depends on the patient and the chiropractor, but it usually involves an intensive course of treatment over the course of several weeks. Sessions can be twice weekly or even more frequent in some cases.

But here’s the reason chiropractic for heel pain is catching on: favorable results are possible in as little as two or three week. Within three weeks or perhaps a bit more runners are able to go back to running again.

Chiropractors often use tracking tools to measure the pain level and assure patients that there is improvement along the way, confirming for the chiropractor which approaches get quick results for the patient and which don’t see to do any good.

Experts often encourage those with new heel pain to see a doctor — but perhaps they should more often recommend seeing a chiropractor instead of or in addition to a traditional doctor. While a medical doctor can make sure there isn’t a strain, strain or stress fracture, a chiropractor may be able to manipulate the problem area and make a real difference in the nature of the problem.

When you have PF pain, you’ll try anything — especially things that have been reported by some patients to work so very well.

Get The Best Results From Concealer For Men When You Use It With Skill

So what do women do when they want to look their best and, well, don’t look too great at that particular moment? They cheat with makeup. And that often means applying concealer over the acne marks, small scars and other blemishes they don’t want anyone to see. But what if you’re a guy? Did you know that there’s concealer for men that’s made especially for male skin and designed not to be noticeable?

Whether it’s dark circles under your eyes or a breakout that you weren’t expecting, you can transform your messed-up face to something that looks good enough to go out on the town when you use concealer for men.

Concealer allows you to cheat on your complexion a bit and look your best when your skin is damaged — or even when you just don’t feel your best. Don’t turn down an opportunity to go out just because you’re not having the best skin day you’ve ever had.

Concealer for men is specifically made to cover redness, dark circles and small marks, but it can also cover some kinds of moles and some non-raised birthmarks too. Not sure if it will work on your blemishes? There’s only one way to find out.

Using Concealer With Skill

To get the best results, you need to take the right actions. If you don’t, you’ll look made up or like you accidentally got something on your face. The worst thing possible is if someone notices you’re wearing a product.

The first step is to buy the right color. If in doubt, go a little darker than your skin tone rather than lighter. No one needs to look paler. Then, wash your face thoroughly before applying the product. I recommend also applying a layer of moisturizer. This will also help even out your skin tone.

If you’re using an eye cream or a concealer around your eyes, use that first. Then, add concealer if you still need it. Rather than applying it directly as the instructions indicate, you may get the best results from applying it to your hand and then dabbing just a little in the right places on your face. The key is to blend into surrounding skin so there’s no line. Putting on moisturizer first will help ensure that you don’t get shiny spots next to untreated skin that’s dull and grey.

If you notice the concealer looking cakey, you can apply a very small amount of eye cream or moisturizer over it to help smooth it out.

Nothing Feminine About It

If you think this all sounds a bit too feminine for you, remember that actors do this all the time — even when just going out to dinner. And plenty of the guys you know are using concealer for men too. They just don’t talk about it.

Besides, what difference does it make? If it works, it works. And if you do it right, no one will ever know.

When you choose the right concealer for men and apply it properly, you’ll look just like you normally do — only better. That’s the goal, and it’s absolutely p

ossible when you use the right product in the right way.

Learn How To Dye Your Beard With This Beard Coloring Guide

When you decide to grow a beard, you can never be sure what you’re going to get. Eventually, you’ll get some gray. Or you’ll simply get a color that’s lighter than the hair on your head and you want to change it. Beard hair is often redder or lighter than the hair on your head — and it sometimes goes gray quicker too. This can lead to an unattractive appearance that you may want to correct.

You can also have uneven coloring that simply looks bad, and you deserve to look good. You could just shave — or you could take action and get the beard color you want with this beard coloring guide.

Here are the steps to coloring your beard correctly:

1. Choose the right beard dye product. Most beard dyes aren’t permanent. That means they’ll wash out, so you don’t have to wait for the wrong color to grow out if you aren’t pleased with the results. The color will fade with each washing. While some recommend using regular hair dye on your beard, that’s not really a good idea. Some regular dyes are permanent, and that can lead to disaster. The most popular brand of beard dye is Just For Men, and there are also chemical-free beard dyes that are mostly based on henna and can be reapplied as often as necessary.

2. Get the color right. You already know that beard hair is different from head hair. Usually, it’s rougher, coarser and drier. That means dye absorbs into it differently. For that reason, you may want to use a color that’s lighter than you’re expecting to need to prevent over-dying. Or you can try using a dark color but leaving it on for less time than recommended. Most people should avoid using black dye even if your hair is black because it’s just too dark. Try a dark brown for a more natural appearance that doesn’t dominate or overwhelm your other features and make your skin look unnaturally pale.

3. Prepare right for dying. First, test to see if you’re allergic to the dye by applying a small amount — perhaps just a half-teaspoon — to your arm in a location where your sleeve will hide it. See what happens. If any redness or a rash develops, try a different product. Don’t shampoo or condition your beard right before dying or the dye won’t stick. Apply Vaseline around your beard area and on your neck and cheeks to keep your skin from being dyed in these areas. Then, make sure you use the gloves provided with the dye to keep from coloring your hands.

4. Apply your beard dye correctly. In most cases, all you have to do is follow the directions provided with your product. This usually includes the use of an application brush or toothbrush, making sure you fully cover all hairs without treating your skin as well. Remember that repeat applications usually take less time to adhere, so plan accordingly. Go for a slightly darker shade if you like since it will fade some with the first washing. Be sure to fully rinse your beard until the rinse water runs clear to prevent any irritation or transfer to your clothing.

5. Reconsider the natural beard dye option if you have problems. If you aren’t getting the results you want or the irritation is too much to handle, consider a natural beard dye instead of one of the popular chemical products. Henna is the basis for this option in most cases, and its been used without side effects as a hair and beard dye for centuries. It doesn’t cause irritation, blistering or other concerns. And it actually helps thicken and soften your hair instead of making it brittle as chemical dyes do. Results often last for 4 to 8 weeks or even longer, and you can reapply whenever you want.

When you take the right steps and use the right beard dye as explained in this beard coloring guide, you can get the results you want so that your beard will look as great as the rest of you does.