Photographing Fireworks: 5 Tips For Success

Since fireworks aren’t something we see every day, most of us don’t have a chance to get much practice photographing fireworks. And since displays often only last a few minutes, the show could be over before you start getting good at capturing the event on camera.

Fortunately, with a little thought in advance and some quick and careful choices while the show is happening, you can photograph fireworks like a pro every time there’s a holiday or special event when someone sends up a gunpowder-fueled light show.

Here are five tips for photographing fireworks better than you ever have before:

a Kindle book is available about photographing fireworks
a Kindle book is available about photographing fireworks

1. Anticipate the action.

Snap your photos before you see the biggest explosions and displays, not after. All cameras have some lag time, and things happen so quickly during a fireworks show that if you snap when you see something great, it will often be gone by the time the picture is recorded on your card.

2. Take multiple shots.

Precisely because images are recorded onto a card instead of film these days, there’s no reason to limit yourself. Snap lots of images of each spectacle you want to capture — making sure, of course, that you have the largest possible card in your camera or camera phone. You’ll go home with many more good ones than you will if you only snap each display once or twice. And you can delete the worst ones before anyone sees them.

3. Include the skyline and other familiar framing elements.

Photographing fireworks high in the sky may show the biggest and best displays, but without some familiar skyline elements or local landmarks, the images might as well be pictures from Indonesia that you downloaded online. Fireworks often look alike, but no one else will have exactly your vantage point of the show in your city, so show off the city too.

4. Capture the people and festivities as well as the show.

Before the show starts, take some pictures of your vantage point, the festival, your family and the people around you. Years from now, the festivities will matter more than the show. Also, get images of people watching the fireworks. Shows usually start slow, so snap a few shots of people pointing at the first small displays, then aim your camera at the show itself once things get going.

5. Remember to actually watch and enjoy the show.

You want to celebrate too, don’t you? Don’t forget to put the camera down after you get some great shots or sometime during the show so you can enjoy the party. Whether it’s the 4th of July, New Year’s Eve or some other kind of event, you deserve your chance to see the beautiful displays through your own eyes. If you’re only going to see them on a screen, you might as well stay home and watch a celebration on TV.

Which would you rather be: a spectator who sees everything through a lens but only captures few good images or a participant in the action who snaps away at the most important sights of the day and puts the camera down occasionally too?

Done poorly, photographing fireworks takes you away from the action and leaves you acting like an outsider when you could be a participant in the fun.

Done properly, however, photographing fireworks along with the people and festivities around them can contribute to your enjoyment of an event and help you preserve your fond memories for generations.

How To Make Money With Fiverr: Seven Tips

At only five dollars a pop, it may be hard to imagine how to make money with Fiverr unless you have a lot of spare time on your hands or lots of free stuff to sell. Really, though, you can earn some extra income from this site if you understand how it works and take advantage every opportunity.

Fiverr is a website where people offer to perform certain tasks for $5. These tasks are called gigs, and a gig can be just about any kind of task from sending you an ebook to designing your logo or writing an article for your website.

You don’t actually get $5 for your trouble though. Fiverr needs a way to make money too, so the company only give you $4 of the $5 the buyer pays. Then, to retrieve the money by PayPal you have to pay that service a few cents. That means you usually get $3.92 for every gig you complete on Fiverr if you’re in the United States, although the fee is slightly less if you wait until you’ve earned $50 or more to withdraw your money.

You also have to wait 14 days or more to claim your money, meaning that Fiverr gets the benefit of your funds for a couple of weeks.

So why would anyone bother to use the site? They bother because they’ve discovered how to make money with Fiverr despite all of the company’s fees and quirks.

Here are seven tips for making the most of Fiverr:

1. Don’t offer too much.

Some writers on the site offer to write two 400-word articles for $5, while others offer to write 200 words of text for $5. As a buyer, would you choose the one who seems to be offering too much and must be rushing or copying the text from another source or the one offering a reasonable amount of work for the price?

2. Offer upgrades if you can.

Once you’ve completed ten Fiverr orders, you may be moved up to Level 1. At that level, you can add additional services to each gig for $5 or $10 more. You could later be moved to Level 2 and allowed to offer even more upgrades. So in addition to offering to design a logo for $5, for example, you can offer to provide a high-resolution version of it for $5 more.

3. Build repeat business into your gigs.

Take every opportunity to remind your customers that you’re available for other gigs. For example, if you offer a website analysis for $5, remind every buyer that you can reevaluate the site after they’ve made your suggested changes and that you can provide them with the text or graphics they need to spruce up the project. Building repeat business is part of how to make money with Fiverr even though the amount of money you make for each order is small.

4. Write perfect gigs in the first place.

Don’t just type what you can do into the box on the new gig page. Instead, carefully craft your words so they portray your services in the best possible light. In fact, you might want to have a writer who offers gigs on Fiverr help you write your gig text to make sure it has no grammar errors and paints a clear picture of what you’re offering and what you’re not.

5. Offer a number of related gigs to catch people’s attention.

Fiverr doesn’t allow you to offer gigs that are substantially similar, but you can craft related gigs that offer the same or similar services in a different way. For example, you can offer header graphics in one gig and a website illustration graphic in another. Or you can offer to write 200 words in one gig and offer to revise 300 words in another gig. As long as the gigs have different text and images, this completely acceptable.

6. Offer gigs that require little or no work.

While gigs for professional services seem to do best on Fiverr, some gigs only offer to send buyers an ebook or some information. When one of those gigs sells, the person who offers it only has to send the info and doesn’t have to provide any services. A few no-work gigs mixed in with other offerings increases income.

7. Offer a thank-you gig.

Clients often know they are underpaying for your services and are happy to pay a little extra. That’s why smart sellers offer a thank-you gig that buyers can purchase without expecting any services in return. While most buyers won’t buy your thank-you gig, a few will, and that improves your earnings.

Final Thoughts

You may not be willing to provide very much service for $3.92, but what would you do for that amount of money? If you’re willing to do anything at all for that price, offer it on Fiverr. You may be surprised how many people are willing to buy your services even they seem small.

Some people can’t write, design graphics or make beautiful birthday cards for their relatives, so they outsource these and many other tasks to workers on Fiverr.

So what’s the secret to how to make money with Fiverr? Put up some gigs and see who’ll bite.

The Best Way To Get High Power Reading Glasses Online

You won’t find high power reading glasses at the drugstore or beside the grocery store checkout lane, but you can find the glasses you need online.

While you may be able to find the right strength and style of high power reading glasses on Amazon or another reputable site, I recommend ordering custom-made reading glasses from Zenni Optical. The company offers complete glasses starting at just $6.95. Even with special coatings and shipping charges added, you can be certain to get good glasses for under $20 — often much less.

I don’t use high power reading glasses, but I know a few things about eye problems. I created the Clear Your Eyes website when dry eyes, computer vision syndrome and other symptoms threatened to put an end to my writing career. Fortunately, I found that reading glasses and eye drops dramatically reduced my symptoms.

If you or someone you know needs high power reading glasses, the there is no reason to put off ordering glasses to solve the problem. When drugstore readers no longer work for you and you know you need something stronger, high power reading glasses can get you reading again and allow you to continue doing projects where fine detail work is required.

I wrote a Zenni Optical review for the Clear Your Eyes website with detailed instructions on how to order reading glasses online from the company. When I recently learned that high power reading glasses are so hard to find, I wrote an additional article for the site specifically about this kind of specialty eyewear.

By definition, high power reading glasses have a magnification of +3.00 or greater. In most cases, however, magnifications of +4.50, +5.00 and +6.00 diopters are most commonly referred to as high power reading glasses. If you have a look at my article on this topic on the Clear Your Eyes site, you’ll see that magnifications of up to +12.00 diopters are available when you order custom-made glasses online.

And don’t worry. You don’t need a prescription to order custom glasses.

Even better, when you order high power reading glasses from Zenni Optical, you can choose the exact strength and the style of frames you want. Most ready-made high-strength readers are available in only a very limited range of frames — and you may find that none of the choices appeal to you.

When serious eye problems or simply an age-related decline in vision requires you to step up to high power reading glasses, you can find exactly what you need online.

Order from Zenni Optical today and you or your loved one could be seeing better than you ever thought possible in only a few days. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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Honeywell HFD-120-Q Review: A Tall And Efficient Air Purifier With Permanent Filter That Oscillates Too

A tall, narrow unit that easily fits into even the tightest spaces, the Honeywell HFD-120-Q air purifier clears the air in any small or medium-sized room you care to clear.

It’s also a much more attractive machine than many of the ugly and utilitarian air cleaners on the market today.

Oh, and it oscillates too. That means it moves the air around better than some similar devices and serves as fan as well. You can’t beat that for the price.

The purpose of this Honeywell HFD-120-Q air purifier review is to point out some of the best qualities of this unit, and that’s not hard to do when you’re talking about a machine that does what it says it will and then some.

My Honeywell HFD-120-Q Air Purifier Review

Covering spaces up to 186 square feet in size, this unit doesn’t need to be confined to your smallest rooms. A 12 x 15 foot room is within the specifications of the Honeywell HFD-120-Q Tower Quiet Air Purifier with Permanent IFD Filter — available from Amazon. And that’s not a small room.

This Honeywell tower, available from Amazon, features two-stage filtration to catch small and large particles in your air. A permanent, washable pre-filter gets the big stuff and keeps it away from your IFD filter that handles the stuff too small to see. In fact, the company claims the IFD filter catches 99.97 percent of particles that pass through the machine.

I have no way of testing that, but I know the machine makes a big difference.

No matter whether your primary problem is pollen, dust, mold spores, cat dander or even tobacco smoke, this unit can help you out. In fact, it’s not marketed as a pet dander air purifier, but it seems to work on pet dander just as well as most other units, even ones that have additional layers of filtration.

I especially like that this unit oscillates. The unit is only effective on air that actually passes through it, and by stirring up the air, it makes sure more air passes through it. Stirring the air up also makes it seem cooler and could cause you to raise the thermostat a couple of degrees, saving you some money in summer.

The sleek black look is a bonus. It looks especially nice in the corner of a room when it replaces one of those ugly gray air purifiers that seem to get grayer with age.

Some Additional Thoughts

Air cleaners are only as good as their fans, their filters and their mechanisms for getting the air in and out of them since they only clean the air that passes through them. That means a machine with three powerful speeds and oscillation offers more opportunities for drawing in different air than a machine that sits still and only runs at one or two relatively slow speeds.

The Honeywell HFD-120-Q may not be the least expensive air purifier on the market, but there’s a reason for that. This unit offers additional features and better quality than some other models, making it superior for those intent on getting their air cleaner than ever before.

If you’re ready for a powerful unit that fits into a small space, the Honeywell HFD-120-Q Tower Quiet Air Purifier is right for you. When you buy it now from Amazon, you’re getting a great product from one of the web’s best sellers — and you can get free shipping in many cases. You can’t do any better than that.

Click here to see the Amazon price on this useful and efficient unit, the best air purifier on the market.