Get The Best Results From Concealer For Men When You Use It With Skill

So what do women do when they want to look their best and, well, don’t look too great at that particular moment? They cheat with makeup. And that often means applying concealer over the acne marks, small scars and other blemishes they don’t want anyone to see. But what if you’re a guy? Did you know that there’s concealer for men that’s made especially for male skin and designed not to be noticeable?

Whether it’s dark circles under your eyes or a breakout that you weren’t expecting, you can transform your messed-up face to something that looks good enough to go out on the town when you use concealer for men.

Concealer allows you to cheat on your complexion a bit and look your best when your skin is damaged — or even when you just don’t feel your best. Don’t turn down an opportunity to go out just because you’re not having the best skin day you’ve ever had.

Concealer for men is specifically made to cover redness, dark circles and small marks, but it can also cover some kinds of moles and some non-raised birthmarks too. Not sure if it will work on your blemishes? There’s only one way to find out.

Using Concealer With Skill

To get the best results, you need to take the right actions. If you don’t, you’ll look made up or like you accidentally got something on your face. The worst thing possible is if someone notices you’re wearing a product.

The first step is to buy the right color. If in doubt, go a little darker than your skin tone rather than lighter. No one needs to look paler. Then, wash your face thoroughly before applying the product. I recommend also applying a layer of moisturizer. This will also help even out your skin tone.

If you’re using an eye cream or a concealer around your eyes, use that first. Then, add concealer if you still need it. Rather than applying it directly as the instructions indicate, you may get the best results from applying it to your hand and then dabbing just a little in the right places on your face. The key is to blend into surrounding skin so there’s no line. Putting on moisturizer first will help ensure that you don’t get shiny spots next to untreated skin that’s dull and grey.

If you notice the concealer looking cakey, you can apply a very small amount of eye cream or moisturizer over it to help smooth it out.

Nothing Feminine About It

If you think this all sounds a bit too feminine for you, remember that actors do this all the time — even when just going out to dinner. And plenty of the guys you know are using concealer for men too. They just don’t talk about it.

Besides, what difference does it make? If it works, it works. And if you do it right, no one will ever know.

When you choose the right concealer for men and apply it properly, you’ll look just like you normally do — only better. That’s the goal, and it’s absolutely possible when you use the right product in the right way.

Learn How To Dye Your Beard With This Beard Coloring Guide

When you decide to grow a beard, you can never be sure what you’re going to get. Eventually, you’ll get some gray. Or you’ll simply get a color that’s lighter than the hair on your head and you want to change it. Beard hair is often redder or lighter than the hair on your head — and it sometimes goes gray quicker too. This can lead to an unattractive appearance that you may want to correct.

You can also have uneven coloring that simply looks bad, and you deserve to look good. You could just shave — or you could take action and get the beard color you want with this beard coloring guide.

Here are the steps to coloring your beard correctly:

1. Choose the right beard dye product. Most beard dyes aren’t permanent. That means they’ll wash out, so you don’t have to wait for the wrong color to grow out if you aren’t pleased with the results. The color will fade with each washing. While some recommend using regular hair dye on your beard, that’s not really a good idea. Some regular dyes are permanent, and that can lead to disaster. The most popular brand of beard dye is Just For Men, and there are also chemical-free beard dyes that are mostly based on henna and can be reapplied as often as necessary.

2. Get the color right. You already know that beard hair is different from head hair. Usually, it’s rougher, coarser and drier. That means dye absorbs into it differently. For that reason, you may want to use a color that’s lighter than you’re expecting to need to prevent over-dying. Or you can try using a dark color but leaving it on for less time than recommended. Most people should avoid using black dye even if your hair is black because it’s just too dark. Try a dark brown for a more natural appearance that doesn’t dominate or overwhelm your other features and make your skin look unnaturally pale.

3. Prepare right for dying. First, test to see if you’re allergic to the dye by applying a small amount — perhaps just a half-teaspoon — to your arm in a location where your sleeve will hide it. See what happens. If any redness or a rash develops, try a different product. Don’t shampoo or condition your beard right before dying or the dye won’t stick. Apply Vaseline around your beard area and on your neck and cheeks to keep your skin from being dyed in these areas. Then, make sure you use the gloves provided with the dye to keep from coloring your hands.

4. Apply your beard dye correctly. In most cases, all you have to do is follow the directions provided with your product. This usually includes the use of an application brush or toothbrush, making sure you fully cover all hairs without treating your skin as well. Remember that repeat applications usually take less time to adhere, so plan accordingly. Go for a slightly darker shade if you like since it will fade some with the first washing. Be sure to fully rinse your beard until the rinse water runs clear to prevent any irritation or transfer to your clothing.

5. Reconsider the natural beard dye option if you have problems. If you aren’t getting the results you want or the irritation is too much to handle, consider a natural beard dye instead of one of the popular chemical products. Henna is the basis for this option in most cases, and its been used without side effects as a hair and beard dye for centuries. It doesn’t cause irritation, blistering or other concerns. And it actually helps thicken and soften your hair instead of making it brittle as chemical dyes do. Results often last for 4 to 8 weeks or even longer, and you can reapply whenever you want.

When you take the right steps and use the right beard dye as explained in this beard coloring guide, you can get the results you want so that your beard will look as great as the rest of you does.

Back Pain Relief Is Among Many Benefits Of Inversion Table Therapy With This Product

Do inversion tables work? That’s an easy question to answer since so many people around the world have found pain relief and other benefits from using these simple devices. They absolutely work to make life better for the people who use them.

The idea may seem a bit unusual or even crazy to some people, but hanging upside down can allow your strained and painful back muscles to relax and ease your pain. And that’s not all having an inversion table can do for you.

Every with all the benefits of inversion table therapy, however, some people still don’t have access to one. That’s because the price can be out of this world for a good one. But there are affordable alternatives available that work as well as the high-priced models.

My Inversion Therapy Table Review

If it’s time for you to improve your posture, boost your circulation and get rid of back pain, you should consider the Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table — available from Amazon. This model is one of the most affordable on the market and a quality piece that will serve you well.

Among the many benefits of an inversion table is the relief of lower back pain though spinal elongation. When you release the pressure on your back for a period of time each day, your backbone can naturally shift and reposition, leading to pain relief. Your muscles and ligaments get a chance to relax too.

You don’t get a lot of features or other frills when you choose this Innova, but you don’t need many features to get relief. This model works and is affordable. What more could you want? It’s even appropriate for people of a variety of sizes — from 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches tall. It’s not built for anyone over 300 pounds, however.

Here’s how it works: simply lock your feet in place, raise your hands over you head and wait for what happens. You’ll invert gradually as you move your arms up and gently move into the upside down position.

After a few days of practice, your inversion table therapy will happen fluidly and in a relaxing manner. The first few times you try it you may want someone else in the room with you because you may move too fast or not at all. You’ll get the motion down perfectly very quickly, however. Then, you can use the device unsupervised.

I know this is a very basic unit, but it’s designed to be affordable. That means you may have to tolerate feet clips that aren’t as comfortable as you might like, for example. Still, your ankles are supported with foam rollers and there’s a safety strap that helps you make sure you get the right angle and keeps others from using the unit if they aren’t properly trained.

Euphoria In Two Ways

You may notice a sense of euphoria from being upside down for a while. You’ll certainly feel euphoric when you realize your pain is gone — and that you can keep it at bay by inverting every day.

In fact, it’s not unusual for people to use an inversion therapy table as part of their spiritual practice. You can meditate or listen to music or spiritual devotions while inverted if you wish.

You don’t have to tolerate a back that hurts every day. There are many kinds of solutions available, and the right inversion therapy table is one of them. If you want the best inversion table for your needs and budget, you know which model I recommend. It will work for you as it has for me.

Click here to learn more about this and other inversion therapy tables at Amazon, the first place to look for just about everything.

Where To Buy Low Power Reading Glasses

Low power reading glasses aren’t as hard to find as they once were — and you have some options. A couple of years ago, your only choice was to pay a really high price from a less-than-reputable online dealer or have some special made for you.

Today, Amazon offers a choice that might be right for you.

Low power reading glasses are the perfect choice if you can see pretty well but experience eye strain, chronic dry eye and other symptoms when you use the computer for an extended time — as many of us are forced to do for our work, play and to keep up with friends and relatives. Your eye doctor may have even recommended them for you as mine did.

So what choices are available? Keep reading.

Amazon Low Power Reading Glasses Choices

When last I checked, there were starting to be a few good choices for low power readers on Amazon. As I said, a couple of years ago there were none on this popular go-to site, so things have improved a bit.

If you need 0.50 reading glasses — lenses with a magnification of 50 diopters — Ritzy Optical offers black Rectangular Metal Reading Eyeglasses that might serve your needs perfectly. They come with an anti-scratch coating, the very important anti-glare coating you’ll need for comfortable computer use and a case so you can protect the glasses when you aren’t using them. When you see the price, you’ll see that these glasses are a great deal. Simple and no-nonsense in design, this product appeals to a wide range of people.

If you need 0.75 reading glasses — lenses with a magnification of 75 diopters — or greater magnification, you aren’t left out. Have a look at the same product and you’ll see that you can choose from a variety of magnifications to fit just about every need. This versatility makes this the one type of low power reading glasses from Amazon that I recommend the most.

More Options

For the greatest array of choices, however, you can still order low power reading glasses from the Zenni Optical, the least expensive option out there and a company that’s easy to do business with. Because I like and respect this company so much, I create an entire article on the Clear Your Eyes website that explains how to order low power reading glasses from Zenni Optical.

Affordable Eyewear Delivered. Shop fashionable & customized eyewear at!

I genuinely thought my career as a writer and online entrepreneur was over when I went to the eye doctor and was diagnoses with computer vision syndrome and chronic dry eye. But he offered me some hope: use lubricating eye drops and order some low power reading glasses. I got the drops right away — and I finally found a company that would provide me the readers I needed.

Today, you have more options than ever before, even if you need the lowest power readers — and you can order exactly what you need now. There are no hassles, no searching for styles and no reasons to wait.