Best Portable Evaporative Cooler For Your Home Comes From NewAir

If you’re looking for a value-priced portable evaporative cooler to use in your home or small office space, the best-selling NewAir AF-1000B Portable Evaporative Cooler could be just the unit you want. Costing less to operate than compressor air conditioners that refrigerate the air, this air cooler takes advantage of evaporation’s cooling effect on our bodies.

Designed to provide a cool breeze in a space up to 300 square feet, this unit is just the right size for most living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. It can also help you save money in your small office or keep a dorm room without air conditioning cool during the summer semester.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This portable evaporative cooler review is just getting started and I’ve already told you how much I like this unit.

Let me tell you one more thing before we get down to details. In a previous article, I reviewed the Honeywell Portable Evaporative Air Cooler designed for outdoor and commercial spaces, so you may be wondering why I’m reviewing another air cooler so soon. The answer is simple: That’s a big machine intended for big jobs. The NewAir unit is a powerful but compact cooler intended for smaller applications.

My NewAir Portable Evaporative Cooler Review

The indoor portable evaporative cooler I recommend comes from NewAir.
The indoor portable evaporative cooler I recommend comes from NewAir.

With a digital temperature display, electronic controls and a full-function remote, the NewAir AF-1000B Portable Evaporative Cooler –available from Amazon — is designed to be easy to understand, easy to use and easy to adjust. There’s even a 10-hour timer that allows you to set when the unit so it goes on and off even if you aren’t in the room or have gone to sleep.

I suppose it goes without saying in this positive review that the unit works well. I wouldn’t be bothering to tell you about it if it didn’t, but I want to be clear: This air cooler does an excellent job of using evaporation to keep you cool. It can make you feel from 10 to 30 degrees cooler, according to the company, and I have no reason to dispute that.

Evaporation is the same cooling method that window swamp coolers or so-called water coolers use. By pumping water through pads and then blowing air across the cooling medium, you get cool air. In addition to being very effective in dry climates, it’s also a much more energy-efficient way of cooling a space than a compressor air conditioner.

The air louvers that automatically oscillate may be among the most important features. Because the NewAir portable evaporative cooler depends on moving the air to keep you cool, the louvers sweep across the room, helping to spread the air around. That’s a feature you didn’t find on old swamp coolers.

Of course, it’s other major selling point is the fact that it’s portable. While it’s a bit unwieldy to move, the old-fashioned window-mounted water coolers couldn’t be moved at all.

Final Thoughts

When you’re trying to stay cool, you’ll try anything. But this NewAir model actually works. So many others don’t.

If you’re concerned how you can get one of these units home without a truck or some help, don’t be. You can order one from Amazon and have it delivered to you in only a few days. Even better, shipping is free in most cases.

When it’s time to get the air moving in your bedroom, living room or small office, it’s time for a NewAir portable evaporative cooler. There are plenty of reasons it’s the best-selling portable swamp cooler on the market.

Click here to see the Amazon price for the best portable evaporative cooler I’ve found, then place your order now. There’s no reason to be hot when this unit is available.

Indoor-Outdoor Honeywell Portable Evaporative Cooler Is A Serious Machine

When you need cool air in a place where air conditioning ductwork doesn’t reach, you need a portable evaporative cooler. With the right air cooler in place, your outdoor event, warehouse, patio or garage can be cool and comfortable even when the temperature soars.

When I think of air coolers, the first name that comes to mind is Honeywell. And as it happens, the company makes the perfect sturdy portable evaporative cooler for indoor or outdoor use that will serve you well time after time, year after year.

Evaporative coolers get their name, as you may know, from the way they cool the air. They pump water up into a cooling medium then blow air through the wet areas, creating a cool breeze. That’s completely opposite to the way air conditioners with compressors work. Those units remove water from the air, reducing humidity.

Both kinds of units have their place, but portable evaporative coolers work best in areas that aren’t completely enclosed and where people can be cooled from a breeze blowing directly on them.

It’s important to remember that evaporative coolers only perform well when the atmosphere is dry. When it’s already humid and sticky, a compressor air conditioner is be a better idea since removing moisture from the air around you would make you feel cooler in that situation.

With those things in mind, let’s get on with my portable evaporative cooler review.

My Honeywell Portable Evaporative Cooler Review

a very powerful indoor-outdoor portable evaporative cooler
a very powerful indoor-outdoor portable evaporative cooler

When you need to cool a large space, you can’t depend on a little home unit. You need the Honeywell CO60PM 125 Pt. Commercial Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler — available from Amazon — to do the job.

This Honeywell united is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and can cool up to 850 square feet of difficult-to-cool space like a restaurant patio, a warehouse, an outdoor pavilion or a hospitality tent. Since the unit is on casters, it’s easy to move it from one event to the next in minutes.

If you plan to use it inside, you’ll need to place it near a window or open door. If there’s no convenient opening in the space you want to cool, you might should consider a compressor air conditioner (which will still require at least a small opening for venting).

With both oscillating louvers and horizontal louvers to direct the vertical air flow, you get the best control possible over where the air comes out. That’s important because people like to stand in front in these units to cool off, and that makes properly directing the airflow essential.

From everything I’ve seen and from my own experiences, I’m confident that this portable evaporative cooler is one of the best of its kind.

I especially like the simple, mechanical control panel. An electronic control panel would likely fail sooner than a mechanical one and be harder to repair, limiting the life of the unit. The control is also very easy to use. Just set it and walk away.

As a bonus, it’s nice that air coolers like this one are more energy efficient than compressor air conditioners.

The uses for this unit are really almost unlimited. While it’s not the right choice for a small living room or bedroom, it’s great at home for use in a garage with no ductwork or out by the pool. It works well in a storage shed or workshop too.

At the office, it can keep a warehouse area cool more efficiently than an air conditioner. At an outdoor event, it can provide welcome moments of relief on even the hottest days.

Final Remarks

A portable evaporative cooler is the right choice for providing a cooling breeze in just about any area that’s hard to cool otherwise. The Honeywell Portable Evaporative Air Cooler is intended for outdoor and commercial use and serves a variety of purposes around the house too.

It’s a serious machine that puts out some serious air.

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Best Bionaire Heater Is A Micathermic Heater That’s Surprisingly Good

I didn’t know a thing about the company or its products when I got my first Bionaire heater, but it has turned out to be one of the best electric space heater I’ve ever had.

And I’ve had lots of different brands through the years since giving up on my central heating and turning to room heaters instead.

My Bionaire heater came to me as a free replacement for a heater of another brand that went bad. When I sent an email to that company’s customer service department and told them about my problem, they immediately offered me a replacement — but the brand and model I had purchased was no longer available. Would I mind, they asked, if they sent me a Bionaire micrathermic convection heater instead?

That’s strange, I thought, but I soon learned the people I emailed provide customer service for more than one brand.

The Bionaire heater they offered looked a lot different than the long and low-to-the-ground model they were replacing for me, but I agreed. What did I have to lose? It had to work better than my broken one.

It turns out I was sent one of the most effective electric heaters on the market. I can’t speak for all of the company’s heaters, but the Bionaire micathermic heater I have is great.

My Bionaire Heater Review

The first thing I noticed about the Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater for Large Spaces — available from Amazon — was its unusual and almost industrial look. That turned me off. Once I got over that, however, I plugged it in and gave it a try.

With it set on high, it quickly warmed a room even larger than it’s rated for. I was surprised.

The convection heat this model provides is surprisingly effective. While I was first unimpressed with its look, I came to understand that its tall, sleek design was a feature, not an error. With the help of the fan, the heater’s convection heating process quickly warms every room in which I’ve tried it.

Even with the fan on low, my Bionaire micathermic heater works great. And when set on low, it’s completely silent. On high, it’s still quieter than any other fan-driven heating source I’d ever tried in my home.

I recommend using it with the fan on low most of the time. Some other users report that the fan starts to get weak or rattles if the unit is left on high for extended periods. There’s no reason to tempt fate by trying that.

To cut a long story short, I went from completely turned off by the design to completely sold by the performance of my Bionaire micathermic heater as soon as I tried it. It warms rooms quickly, quietly and efficiently — just as an electric space heater should.

Final Thoughts

As I said, I can’t speak for the complete line of Bionaire heaters, but I can tell you this: The company’s microthermic convection heater that I have works great. Since I don’t have central heating in my home, I’ve owned lots of space heaters, and many of them haven’t been worth what I paid for them.

When I need an additional heater to replace one of my older ones of another brand, I’ll be ordering another one of these Bionaire heaters.

Click here to learn more about this Bionaire heater model and order from Amazon, the place that has the best price I can find for this unexpectedly powerful and satisfying heater.

Make The Most Of Small Home Designs With These Tips

Whether because of a small lot, a restricted budget or an intentional lifestyle choice to live more simply and leave a smaller environmental footprint, many of us are living better lives by taking advantage of small home designs.

Tiny House Floor Plans: Available From Amazon
Tiny House Floor Plans: Available From Amazon

Hiring an architect and design firm to create a custom-designed home for you and your family can cost thousands, but there are a number of books and other resources available that offer small home designs and narrow-lot house plans. One of the designs available is probably perfect for you — or could be perfect with only a few modifications.

No matter what resources you consult, however, keep the following pieces of advice in mind when considering small house plans:

Try to choose a small home design that keeps the bedrooms apart. For the sake of privacy, you don’t want your own bedroom next to the guest bedroom or a child’s room. Putting bedrooms on opposite sides of the home or one upstairs and another downstairs are great ideas if you can find a design that allows for this.

Use a narrow-lot house plan or small house plan that includes high ceilings for a feeling of spaciousness. Taller rooms often feel larger unless they are very narrow, so keep height in mind when choosing a small home design. Check the plans for the height of the roof or plate beam to see how much headroom is provided.

Include as much outdoor living space as you can in your new home. In most places, there are at least a few months every year when the temperature outside is perfect for living outdoors, but allow some money in your budget to solve those issues that keep you from taking full advantage of outdoor space. That means installing awnings to limit the sun in your Texas yard and umbrellas and covered spaces to keep the London or Seattle rain at bay. Structures to block wind and comfortable outdoor furniture are two more things that make outdoor spaces more useful.

Consider carefully the number of bathrooms and their placement. Plumbing is one of the most expensive utilities to install in a home, so having only one bathroom saves a lot of money. Adding a half bath off the living space could replace a second bathroom. Locating bathrooms side by side or back to back also reduces costs.

Commit to a complete lifestyle change before you move in. Living in a small space involves more than just choosing the best option from among the small home designs in a book. You have to adjust to a new way of living that involves fewer possessions, less clutter (since there aren’t as many places to hide it) and a simpler way of living overall. Find a great simple living introduction on Minimalist Living Today.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re turning to a smaller home by choice or because of necessity, taking advantage of existing small home designs can save you time, money and hassles if you take a few things into consideration and make the decision to enjoy your home, no matter how small it is.

Narrow-lot house plans and small home designs are easy to find — and they’re easy to live with when you’re prepared for a new and exciting way of life that makes the best of what you have.