Eco Breeze Is An Innovative Whole House Window Fan That’s Worth The Price

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The unique Eco Breeze window unit isn’t an air conditioner and is more than a standard whole house window fan. But it costs a bit more than many other window fans and more than some window air conditioners. Is it worth the price? And what makes it so different?

You’ll see from my review that the Eco Breeze is worth its price for at least one good reason: it does much of the work of ventilating your home automatically. You don’t have to turn it on and off. You could stand around all day turning fans on and off and closing louvers, but with this unit everything happens automatically.

That’s worth something.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, however, let’s discuss how an Eco Breeze unit can help you.

My Eco Breeze Review

Many people waste money using an expensive-to-operate air conditioning system to first cool the air in their homes down to equal with the outside temperature and then further cool it down to whatever temperature they desire. This is wasteful — and a little silly.

Instead, it makes more sense to vent the hot air from a home, pull in cooler, drier, more comfortable outdoor air and then further condition it with an air conditioner if necessary. That’s what whole house window fans like the Eco Breeze do for you: They exhaust hot, humid and air and pull in better air from outside.

Of course, these units don’t work well if it’s hot and humid outside. But in many locations and during many seasons, mornings and evenings are cool. It makes sense to take advantage of this cool air rather than paying to run an air conditioner to create it for you.

It doesn’t seem quite right to call the Eco Breeze Intelligent Air Cooling System — available at Amazon — a whole house window fan because it’s much more sophisticated than most fans in this category. That’s because it keeps a continuous check on the temperature and humidity indoors and out — and determines when your home could benefit from the free outside air.

The EcoBreeze unit has two sets of louvers built into one unit. One allows hot air from inside to escape while another brings in outdoor air. That means you don’t have to have other windows open for it to work. That makes your life simpler and also makes your home more secure against intruders.

When the outside air is nicer than the air in your home, the unit comes on and exchanges air until your home reaches the desired temperature. You don’t have to worry about opening or closing windows, turning fans on and off or anything else. Everything happens automatically.

Other whole house window fans, like the well-regarded Air King 9166, for example, effectively exchange the air and make your home more comfortable. But they don’t work automatically. That means they don’t keep the air at a pleasant temperature when you’re away or when you’re asleep. The Eco Breeze can do that.

If it’s raining outside, the Eco Breeze unit still works without bringing in rainwater. Other whole house window fans can’t be used in the rain.

The Eco Breeze unit can also work in conjunction with an air conditioning system. Just set the units to settings that complement each other (the instructions explain how to easily do this), and the air conditioner will take over when the air outside is too warm to help cool your home.

Even better, the Eco Breeze unit is quiet and energy-efficient. So yes, it’s worth the money in my opinion.

The latest version of the Eco Breeze features louvers that seal closed so that air doesn’t escape in either direction unless it is supposed to. That solves some of the complaints of previous versions and is a smart improvement.

A Final Thought

You can save money when you use an Eco Breeze unit instead of or in addition to an air conditioning unit. If your energy bill is out of control, you could save the cost of the unit in only a couple of months.

The unique Eco Breeze whole house window fan is an alternative to an air conditioning system that will help you stay comfortable for less.

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