Best Portable Evaporative Cooler For Your Home Comes From NewAir

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If you’re looking for a value-priced portable evaporative cooler to use in your home or small office space, the best-selling NewAir AF-1000B Portable Evaporative Cooler could be just the unit you want. Costing less to operate than compressor air conditioners that refrigerate the air, this air cooler takes advantage of evaporation’s cooling effect on our bodies.

Designed to provide a cool breeze in a space up to 300 square feet, this unit is just the right size for most living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. It can also help you save money in your small office or keep a dorm room without air conditioning cool during the summer semester.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This portable evaporative cooler review is just getting started and I’ve already told you how much I like this unit.

Let me tell you one more thing before we get down to details. In a previous article, I reviewed the Honeywell Portable Evaporative Air Cooler designed for outdoor and commercial spaces, so you may be wondering why I’m reviewing another air cooler so soon. The answer is simple: That’s a big machine intended for big jobs. The NewAir unit is a powerful but compact cooler intended for smaller applications.

My NewAir Portable Evaporative Cooler Review

With a digital temperature display, electronic controls and a full-function remote, the NewAir AF-1000B Portable Evaporative Cooler –available from Amazon — is designed to be easy to understand, easy to use and easy to adjust. There’s even a 10-hour timer that allows you to set when the unit so it goes on and off even if you aren’t in the room or have gone to sleep.

I suppose it goes without saying in this positive review that the unit works well. I wouldn’t be bothering to tell you about it if it didn’t, but I want to be clear: This air cooler does an excellent job of using evaporation to keep you cool. It can make you feel from 10 to 30 degrees cooler, according to the company, and I have no reason to dispute that.

Evaporation is the same cooling method that window swamp coolers or so-called water coolers use. By pumping water through pads and then blowing air across the cooling medium, you get cool air. In addition to being very effective in dry climates, it’s also a much more energy-efficient way of cooling a space than a compressor air conditioner.

The air louvers that automatically oscillate may be among the most important features. Because the NewAir portable evaporative cooler depends on moving the air to keep you cool, the louvers sweep across the room, helping to spread the air around. That’s a feature you didn’t find on old swamp coolers.

Of course, it’s other major selling point is the fact that it’s portable. While it’s a bit unwieldy to move, the old-fashioned window-mounted water coolers couldn’t be moved at all.

Final Thoughts

When you’re trying to stay cool, you’ll try anything. But this NewAir model actually works. So many others don’t.

If you’re concerned how you can get one of these units home without a truck or some help, don’t be. You can order one from Amazon and have it delivered to you in only a few days. Even better, shipping is free in most cases.

When it’s time to get the air moving in your bedroom, living room or small office, it’s time for a NewAir portable evaporative cooler. There are plenty of reasons it’s the best-selling portable swamp cooler on the market.

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