Amazon Pinzon Sheets Review: They’re All I Use Now

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Nothing in my house gets more use than my Amazon Pinzon sheets. I sleep on them every night and will never use another brand. After a bad experience trying to replace a torn one with a different brand from a big box store, I’m more sold on Amazon Pinzon sheets than ever before.

Keep reading, and I’ll tell you more about why I like this private label brand from Amazon, and I’ll explain to you a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing what color to order.

Why I love Amazon Pinzon sheets enough to review them

I don’t want to gush too much in this Amazon Pinzon sheets review, but I feel more strongly about this item than just about anything I’ve mentioned on this blog. I’m very particular about what kind of sheets I use. I don’t like anything that’s made of polyester, that’s stiff, that’s hot, or that has an ugly pattern. I just like plain cotton sheets.

Amazon Pinzon sheets — which are available from this Amazon affiliate link — are always made of 100% cotton. The company labels them as 300 thread count and call the material a lightweight, breathable fabric. But I wouldn’t call them either light or heavy. And you can’t go much by thread count anyway.

I think they are nice medium weight sheets that are appropriate for both summer and winter, and they’re the only ones I use. I like the soft feel, and I like that they’re not slick like silk or polyester sheets. They’re just good all the way around.

A note about size and depth

I have a fairly old mattress, but I’ve added a pad and then a memory foam topper which makes it fairly tall. Other sheet sets I tried, even some expensive ones from respected brands, come with a fitted sheet that won’t go over all this. That’s not a problem with these sheets. In fact, there’s room to spare when I put these sheets on my bed.

The way the fitted sheet is held in place has changed a little through the years from my older sets to my newer ones, but there’s elastic that goes all the way around, so even if you have a very thin mattress the elastic will pull the fabric under the mattress and hold it tight.

A note about color

If I had a choice, I would order the natural tan color every time. If you choose a different color, you may find that the color fades or bleaches away if you use certain face products, like benzoyl peroxide acne cream, for example. I have two sets of the gray sheets, and the pillowcases on both sets have yellow-orange spots on them from acne cream.

But these sheets are so popular on Amazon that you may not always have a full choice of colors. I’ve wanted to get the light green or blue sheets many times, but I’ve never found them in stock when I was looking. My most recent set is white, and although I wasn’t expecting to like the color, it’s sort of an oyster white that I like a lot. In fact, it may now be my favorite.

Not the same as Threshold brand at Target

After 2 years of nearly constant use, I managed to rip the bottom sheet on one of gray sets. But Amazon Pinzon sheets only come in complete sets. You can buy a bottom sheet separately. I didn’t really need a whole new set since I have several, so I decided to see if I could find a replacement bottom sheet at a store.

I noticed that the Threshold brand sheets at Target had a very similar product description online to the Amazon Pinzon sheets, so I thought they might be exactly the same thing.

I was wrong, and buying that brand was a mistake.

The Threshold bottom sheet from Target was much smaller, had less elastic to hold it on and was very rough against my skin. I didn’t even make it through the whole night. Fortunately, Target took it back with no problems even though I had washed it before trying it. It cost over $20, so it really wasn’t a very good deal for me. I went ahead and bought a new complete set of the Amazon sheets, and now I have even more extras than before.

A quick final thought

I hope I haven’t rambled on too long. After all, these are just sheets, right?

But you spend hour after hour on your sheets each night, and they need to be good. They need to be something you like. Now that I’ve found these Amazon sheets, I continue to buy this brand – and I like them enough to write about them.

All you have to do is try Amazon Pinzon sheets once, and I think you’ll be hooked. They’ll be the only sheets you’ll want for the rest of your life.