A Clean, Simple Solid Wood Bar Unit That Looks Great

The perfect bar unit has plenty of storage, a simple and elegant look that adds to your home’s décor and just enough storage to serve you well without taking up more space than necessary.

When choosing bar furniture for home use, you don’t necessarily want something that looks like it belongs in a nightclub or down at the pub. Instead, you want something that blends in with your other furniture and doesn’t draw attention to itself until it’s time to pour the drinks.

Coaster Contemporary Style Solid Wood Bar Unit
Coaster Contemporary Style Solid Wood Bar Unit

The exact configuration of the best bar unit for you could vary depending on what you and your guests like to drink, but it’s safe to say that most modern bar cabinet furniture needs to include a wine rack, room for some liquor bottles and glasses and a little extra space for those special items you like to have with your cocktails.

For most us, the perfect bar for home is a piece of dry bar furniture rather than a custom-installed wet bar. Since most of us don’t have plumbing connections for a wet bar — one with running water — in our living rooms or dens, dry bar furniture makes more sense than installing expensive new plumbing connections.

So what’s the perfect bar unit? Here’s my choice.

The Perfect Bar Unit For Your Home

Standing 42 inches high and minimally adorned with beautiful cappuccino stain, the Coaster Contemporary Style Solid Wood Bar Unit with Wine Rack, available from Amazon, fits well into many different home styles. Although it includes the word “contemporary” in its name, it’s easy to see it fitting into a traditionally styled home or even one with country-inspired décor.

This bar unit is simple enough in its styling that it wouldn’t detract from any room.

If you’ve read my Minimalist Living Today website, you know that I have minimalistic tendencies, so the clean lines and elegant finish appeal to me. The fact that it’s made of real, solid wood makes it even more appealing.

I also like the way it incorporates a small wine rack. So many bar units don’t take wine into consideration, and so much wine furniture seems to neglect the fact that other liquors and mix-ins are often served alongside wine. The wine rack that’s part of this piece of bar cabinet furniture hold plenty of bottles to keep the party going without dominating the unit or the room.

Some online reviewers comment that the unit would be nicer if it has some installed lighting, but lights can damage wines and aren’t necessarily good for other liquors either, so I’m happy to pair this unit with a floor lamp that matches my room. A suspended overhead fixture would also be great if you have the wiring for it.

Why Ordering This Bar Unit Online Makes Sense

I can understand why you would be leery of ordering furniture online. You can’t necessarily be sure of the quality in some cases, and then there’s the expensive shipping charge — and having to put the unit together.

Fortunately, none of those things are an issue with the Coaster Contemporary Style Solid Wood Bar Unit with Wine Rack. Since it comes from a company known for high-quality furniture, you can be sure that every real wood panel is just as beautiful as you would expect it to be. Of course, the company guarantees that everything will be right.

It’s also very easy to assemble. You can probably get it together in half an hour, but there’s no reason it should take much over an hour, even if you take your time. With a piece of furniture as nice as this one, it’s worth taking a few minutes, but many people say their unit came to them already partially assembled, so that saves even more time.

Perhaps best of all, this bar unit ships free in many cases when you order from Amazon. Since it weighs almost 150 pounds, you can imagine that Amazon’s free shipping offer saves you a bundle. It also means that this unit will be delivered right to your door, so you don’t have to worry about how to get it home. All you have to do is put it where you want it and enjoy.

I think you’ll love it. And because it’s such great quality, it’s the sort of thing you, your family and your party guests will be enjoying for many years to come.

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