About This Site

Conspiracy of Good is based on a simple idea — web surfers deserve good information, and it’s hard to find. So often, the information that comes up in searches is useless: biased, outdated or simply too dull and lifeless to be of any value. I know I can do better than that.

I’m Eric Parker, and I write interesting information for readers like you. It’s as simple as that. Looking around this site, you’ll see articles about how to grow stubble that looks great, the benefits of saddle sitting and other methods of back pain relief, how a swamp cooler works and much more.

Conspiracy of Good is where I write about the things that don’t fit into any of my other sites. It’s good information, I just don’t have anywhere else to put to so people can find it. What other site offers information on memory foam pillows, bicycle racks for cars and magnetic stud finders in the same place? If it’s something I know about that I think you might want to know about it, it just might be here or appear here soon.

I’ve been writing for more than a decade, and most of that writing has been for websites and Internet publications. From my home in Fort Worth, Texas, I explore the world and offer the best information I find to readers like you.

I hope you benefit from one or more of the articles on Conspiracy of Good. These articles exist for your benefit.

I also write Clear Your Eyes, a site aimed at sufferers of computer vision syndrome, dry eyes and other computer-related eye problems. I explore the gay scene in Fort Worth at Gay Fort Worth. And I write about minimalist living at Minimalist Living Today.

Advice Without Hype is a site similar to this one, and I explore being bearded at Better Beard Better Life and Best Beard Ever. Male skin care is the topic of interest at Guy Skin. And those are just a few of my other sites.

I hope you find this website a wealth of useful information and that you’ll refer to this site again and again. That’s what it’s here for.