Best Belgian Waffle Maker Is A Great Value Too

There are many definitions of best, but in my mind, the best Belgian waffle maker is the one that performs its task well — and without hassles — but doesn’t cost much either.

Value, I believe, is an important characteristic of a great product.

And this definition means that the Oster Belgian waffle maker I keep in my kitchen is the best on the market — and I’ll tell you what I like about it.

Today, you can make much more than just waffles in your waffle iron, and I put my mine to the test as often as I can. I make falafel, grilled cheese sandwiches, chocolate-chip stuffed croissants and more in mine. You can make hamburgers, hash browns and sunny-side up eggs — if you don’t mind the funny shape — in yours and get even more value for your money.

Even better, however, is how much better fresh-made waffles are than those store-bought frozen ones.

The Oster Waffle Maker Review

the best Belgian waffle maker I've found
the best Belgian waffle maker I’ve found

On a whim, I bought the Oster 3883 Belgian Wafflemaker — available from Amazon — without researching anything about it because it was the least expensive model available when I wanted to buy. You know what? It has turned out to be much better than I expected and has some useful features that make it better than many more expensive models.

The first thing I like is that you don’t have to flip the thing over as you do with some more expensive, stand-mounted models. The turning is supposed to promote even browning, but it’s a real hassle — and my waffles brown just fine with this model.

Also, this Oster unit has an adjustable temperature control. I leave mine around medium most of the time, but you can cook on a lower setting for fluffier foods and a higher setting for crispier ones.

This is a Belgian-style maker, meaning that you get a large round waffle — easily divided along the seams into two or four pieces — instead of a traditional model that makes small square waffles. But this unit is more versatile for other uses than those that make small, square ones.

The surface is nonstick, and if you treat it with oil as explained in the directions before the first use and spray a bit of cooking spray on it every few uses, you’ll never have a problem with sticking. Apparently, that’s a big problem with some models.

Handles stay relatively cool during use, so you can move the unit without risk. Of course, the hot plates are exposed when the unit is open for filling, so children and clumsy adults should be kept well away from any waffle maker when it’s in use.

It’s nice that you don’t have to wash the plates after use. Just wipe away residue from runny additions to your batter and you’re good to go next time. The outside is chrome and looks good enough to leave out on the counter, but I keep mine in a cupboard since it’s easy to move and I only use it a couple of times a month. (Waffles freeze well, so I make a big batch each time I have it out.)

There’s also a booklet enclosed with some useful recipes, including one for yeasty whole wheat waffles. Most of the time, however, I use Krusteaz brand mix available just about everywhere. It’s the best tasting I’ve found, and you can add additional vanilla, some cinnamon or even chocolate chips or blueberries.

Summing Up

I happened to stumble on the best Belgian waffle maker on the market and am enjoying using it for grilled cheese sandwiches and even toast and funny-shaped biscuits. But you don’t have to stumble around looking for the best choice. Choose the Oster 3883 Belgian Wafflemaker and go with a proven winner.

Whether you want waffles every night or just every now and then, this is a durable unit that will serve you well as often as you need it. But because it’s so affordable, you can afford to buy it now and keep it on a shelf for those special occasions when you want homemade waffles.

Click here to see the very affordable Amazon price for this Oster Belgian waffle maker, and buy one now. You’ll always have fresh waffles when you want them.

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