Could A Chiropractor Help Your Heel Pain From Running?

If you’re a runner and have recently started experiencing heel pain, you may have already been told the cause: plantar fasciitis. This painful condition is the result of the inflammation of a thick band inside your foot called, of course, the plantar fascia. And you may already know that if you don’t take some action soon, your days as runner could be over.

I confidently recommend shoe insoles for people like you with heel pain from running, but that’s not all you can do to remedy the problem. Not only are shoe insoles the least expensive thing you can do for plantar fasciitis pain, they’re also the most sensible thing to try first. They work equally well for Achilles tendonitis too.

But other options include cortisone injections, exercises and even surgery. When the pain is new, ice and rest may be all you need for temporary relief of symptoms. But the problem will almost certainly get worse without some definitive action.

It’s also important to never go barefooted once the pain starts since this causes direct pressure that makes the problem worse. Healing is rarely possible when you keep making things worse by mistreating your foot.

And you may not believe this, but some people swear by chiropractic care for heel pain too. Chiropractors treat more than just the spine; they treat all kinds of structural issues in the body. In other words, they treat bones, muscles, tendons and nerves, and there are plenty of those in the feet.

The exact nature of chiropractic treatment for PF pain depends on the patient and the chiropractor, but it usually involves an intensive course of treatment over the course of several weeks. Sessions can be twice weekly or even more frequent in some cases.

But here’s the reason chiropractic for heel pain is catching on: favorable results are possible in as little as two or three week. Within three weeks or perhaps a bit more runners are able to go back to running again.

Chiropractors often use tracking tools to measure the pain level and assure patients that there is improvement along the way, confirming for the chiropractor which approaches get quick results for the patient and which don’t see to do any good.

Experts often encourage those with new heel pain to see a doctor — but perhaps they should more often recommend seeing a chiropractor instead of or in addition to a traditional doctor. While a medical doctor can make sure there isn’t a strain, strain or stress fracture, a chiropractor may be able to manipulate the problem area and make a real difference in the nature of the problem.

When you have PF pain, you’ll try anything — especially things that have been reported by some patients to work so very well.

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