Hamilton Beach Air Purifier Review: For Medium Rooms, Hamilton Beach 04383 Is Best

An air purifier is a good investment that can make a noticeable difference in the air quality inside your home, office or workshop. But which company makes the best machines — and which model is best?

Hamilton Beach air purifiers are among the best on the market. There are many brands of air purifiers available online today, and many of them work well. But Hamilton Beach has a record of dependability that goes back decades.

If it’s a mid-sized or large room in which you need cleaner air — like a bedroom, living room or even a kitchen — the Hamilton Beach 04383A is one of your best choices.

You may already know that the Hamilton Beach 02383A air purifier is one of the best-selling models on the market, but this air purifier review aims to tell you some of the reasons so many people trust this model with the air they breathe. Read on for useful information that will help you make a smart purchasing decision.

My Hamilton Beach Air Purifier Choice

A three-speed motor and a permanent HEPA-type filter that never needs to be replaced are among the reasons I’m sold on the Hamilton Beach TrueAir Allergen-Reducing Ultra Quiet Air Cleaner Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter — available from Amazon. I’m not saying it’s the only good air purifier on the market (other articles on this site review some of my other favorites), but I hope this Hamilton Beach air purifier review gives you confidence in this model. That’s exactly what I’m aiming to do with this article.

Many of the models on the market are cheaply made units designed to only work in small rooms. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are larger models costing hundreds of dollars and intended for use in large rooms, but these are more than is needed for many rooms and may be outside the budget of many homeowners.

The Hamilton Beach 04383A is a solid choice for medium-sized and large room and comes at a fair price.

Able to effectively treat the air in a room up to 160 square feet — that about a 12 by 13 foot room — this model has a space-saving tower shape and stands hardly more than a foot tall.

Almost as nice as the fact that it really does a good job removing airborne allergens and particles from the air is the fact that the filter never needs to be replaced. Simply vacuum the filter clean periodically and you’re good to go for years.

Many users may find it best to set the fan at its lowest speed and leave this Hamilton Beach air purifier running all the time. For quicker effect or when air seems stale, turning it up to medium or high for a while will clear the air while still making only a tolerable amount of noise. There’s no doubt that the noise is more noticeable at higher speeds, but it isn’t annoyingly so.

At the low speed, the quiet hum is actually a rather pleasing sound — like “white noise” — that I find relaxing. I like to have a constant noise when I’m sleeping or working, so this fits the bill for that.

While some are critical of this unit because it doesn’t have an ionizer, I’m not really very concerned about that. Ionizers work to some degree, but I’ve never found them to make as much of a difference as some users say.

Perhaps best of all, this Hamilton Beach air purifier is available online at a very reasonable price. In fact, you can order a Hamilton Beach 04383A air purifier from Amazon now for less than it costs in many local stores.

When you want a good price on a good unit, turn to a Hamilton Beach air purifier. And when it’s small or medium rooms in which you want to breathe a little easier, buy Hamilton Beach 04383A air purifiers from Amazon. You’ll be buying the best units on the market from the Internet’s most reputable source.

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