How To Make Money With Fiverr: Seven Tips

At only five dollars a pop, it may be hard to imagine how to make money with Fiverr unless you have a lot of spare time on your hands or lots of free stuff to sell. Really, though, you can earn some extra income from this site if you understand how it works and take advantage every opportunity.

Fiverr is a website where people offer to perform certain tasks for $5. These tasks are called gigs, and a gig can be just about any kind of task from sending you an ebook to designing your logo or writing an article for your website.

You don’t actually get $5 for your trouble though. Fiverr needs a way to make money too, so the company only give you $4 of the $5 the buyer pays. Then, to retrieve the money by PayPal you have to pay that service a few cents. That means you usually get $3.92 for every gig you complete on Fiverr if you’re in the United States, although the fee is slightly less if you wait until you’ve earned $50 or more to withdraw your money.

You also have to wait 14 days or more to claim your money, meaning that Fiverr gets the benefit of your funds for a couple of weeks.

So why would anyone bother to use the site? They bother because they’ve discovered how to make money with Fiverr despite all of the company’s fees and quirks.

Here are seven tips for making the most of Fiverr:

1. Don’t offer too much.

Some writers on the site offer to write two 400-word articles for $5, while others offer to write 200 words of text for $5. As a buyer, would you choose the one who seems to be offering too much and must be rushing or copying the text from another source or the one offering a reasonable amount of work for the price?

2. Offer upgrades if you can.

Once you’ve completed ten Fiverr orders, you may be moved up to Level 1. At that level, you can add additional services to each gig for $5 or $10 more. You could later be moved to Level 2 and allowed to offer even more upgrades. So in addition to offering to design a logo for $5, for example, you can offer to provide a high-resolution version of it for $5 more.

3. Build repeat business into your gigs.

Take every opportunity to remind your customers that you’re available for other gigs. For example, if you offer a website analysis for $5, remind every buyer that you can reevaluate the site after they’ve made your suggested changes and that you can provide them with the text or graphics they need to spruce up the project. Building repeat business is part of how to make money with Fiverr even though the amount of money you make for each order is small.

4. Write perfect gigs in the first place.

Don’t just type what you can do into the box on the new gig page. Instead, carefully craft your words so they portray your services in the best possible light. In fact, you might want to have a writer who offers gigs on Fiverr help you write your gig text to make sure it has no grammar errors and paints a clear picture of what you’re offering and what you’re not.

5. Offer a number of related gigs to catch people’s attention.

Fiverr doesn’t allow you to offer gigs that are substantially similar, but you can craft related gigs that offer the same or similar services in a different way. For example, you can offer header graphics in one gig and a website illustration graphic in another. Or you can offer to write 200 words in one gig and offer to revise 300 words in another gig. As long as the gigs have different text and images, this completely acceptable.

6. Offer gigs that require little or no work.

While gigs for professional services seem to do best on Fiverr, some gigs only offer to send buyers an ebook or some information. When one of those gigs sells, the person who offers it only has to send the info and doesn’t have to provide any services. A few no-work gigs mixed in with other offerings increases income.

7. Offer a thank-you gig.

Clients often know they are underpaying for your services and are happy to pay a little extra. That’s why smart sellers offer a thank-you gig that buyers can purchase without expecting any services in return. While most buyers won’t buy your thank-you gig, a few will, and that improves your earnings.

Final Thoughts

You may not be willing to provide very much service for $3.92, but what would you do for that amount of money? If you’re willing to do anything at all for that price, offer it on Fiverr. You may be surprised how many people are willing to buy your services even they seem small.

Some people can’t write, design graphics or make beautiful birthday cards for their relatives, so they outsource these and many other tasks to workers on Fiverr.

So what’s the secret to how to make money with Fiverr? Put up some gigs and see who’ll bite.

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