Best Bionaire Heater Is A Micathermic Heater That’s Surprisingly Good

What’s the best Bionaire heater for the money? You may be just as surprised as I was. I didn’t know a thing about the company or its products when I got my first Bionaire heater, but it has turned out to be one of the best electric space heaters I’ve ever had.

And I’ve had lots of different brands through the years since giving up on my central heating and turning to room heaters instead.

My first Bionaire heater came to me as a replacement from the manufacturer for a faulty heater of another brand made by the same company. When I sent an email to the company’s customer service department and told them about my problem, they immediately offered me a replacement — but the brand and model I had purchased was no longer available (probably because it didn’t work very well).

Would I mind, they asked, if they sent me a Bionaire micrathermic convection heater instead?

Surprised that they actually responded and offered a replacement of any kind, I said yes.

The Bionaire heater they offered looked a lot different than the long and low-to-the-ground model they were replacing for me, but I agreed. What did I have to lose? It had to work better than my broken one.

It turns out I was sent one of the most effective electric heaters on the market. I can’t speak for all of the company’s heaters, but the Bionaire micathermic heater I have is great.

My Bionaire Heater Review

The first thing I noticed about the Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater — available from Amazon — was its unusual and almost industrial look. That turned me off. Once I got over that, however, I plugged it in and gave it a try.

With it set on high, it quickly warmed a room even larger than it’s rated for. I was surprised.

The convection heat this model provides is really quite effective. While I was first unimpressed with its look, I came to understand that its tall, sleek design was a feature, not a drawback. With the help of the fan, the heater’s convection heating process quickly warms every room in which I’ve tried it.

Even with the fan on low, my Bionaire micathermic heater works great. And when set on low, it’s completely silent. On high, it’s still quieter than any other fan-driven heating source I’d ever tried in my home.

I recommend using it with the fan on low most of the time. Some other users report that the fan starts to get weak or rattles if the unit is left on high for extended periods. There’s no reason to tempt fate by trying that.

It doesn’t weigh very much and has large handles, which makes it easy to move — although I leave mine mostly in the same place and only take it away at the end of the season and bring it back the next. It has already last through 3 seasons, more than most space heaters.

To cut a long story short, I went from completely turned off by the design to completely sold by the performance of my Bionaire micathermic heater as soon as I tried it. It warms rooms quickly, quietly and efficiently — just as an electric space heater should.

Final Thoughts

As I said, I can’t speak for the complete line of Bionaire heaters, but I can tell you this: The company’s microthermic convection heater that I have works great. Since I don’t have working central heating in my home, I’ve owned lots of space heaters, and many of them haven’t been worth what I paid for them.

When I need an additional heater to replace one of my older ones of another brand, I’ll be ordering another one of these Bionaire heaters.

Click here to learn more about this Bionaire heater model and order from Amazon, the place that has the best price I can find for this unexpectedly powerful and satisfying heater.

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