The Best Indoor Herb Garden Means You Can Have Fresh Herbs Anytime!

There are a number of indoor herb garden kits on the market, but most of them focus on form rather than function. If you’re serious about growing herbs to help you explore new worlds of culinary delight, you need an indoor herb garden with room to grow lots of herbs, not just two or three.

Imagine snipping fresh thyme or cilantro from a planter on your windowsill or in a quite corner of the dining room. You can have fresh dill in any season and marjoram waiting for you the next time you make a Greek salad dressing if you have an indoor herb garden.

Your Indoor Culinary Herb Starter Kit Review

the best indoor herb garden kit I've found
the best indoor herb garden kit I’ve found

The Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Starter Kit — available from Amazon — is designed with growing the maximum number of herbs possible in a small space in mind. It includes enough different seeds to send your taste buds around the world, including parsley, sage and thyme (rosemary would grow too big, I suppose) as well as cilantro, basil, dill, oregano, marjoram, two kinds of chives, savory and mustard.

The idea behind this growing kit is simple: Grow a wide assortment of herbs year round so you’re always ready to enhance the flavor of any dish you cook.

The kit includes a growing tray and dome along with 50 peat pellets that will grow the fresh, nutritious and pesticide-free herbs you desire. It also include seeds for the 12 herbs I mentioned above.

To make growing even easier, a laminated instruction card is includes with all the details on getting the most from every seed packet.

It’s no wonder this indoor herb garden kit has won awards for its design, simplicity and completeness. In addition to being named a “top pick” in the Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Journal section, this kit was also chosen as an editor’s pick by Five Star Review Magazine’s expert evaluators.

I like it, however, because it’s a no-nonsense way to grow a variety of herbs in one place. Everything you need is included in one kit for one reasonable price, so you don’t have search through seed packets at the store, then fill individual pots with your own growing medium and hope for the best. With the Indoor Culinary Herb Starter Kit, you can have your plants started within minutes and be harvesting some of the quickest-growing herbs in days.

Sure, there are other indoor herb gardens that are more aesthetically pleasing, and I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t buy one or more of those. In fact, experimenting with a wide variety of herbs is fun and exciting and can lead you down paths you never expected to explore. Plus, an herb garden in a living room or bedroom is a great idea too, and you might want something with a little more style in those rooms.

But if getting the maximum number of herbs into the minimum amount of space is your goal — and you want everything in one convenient package — this starter kit could be what you’re looking for.

Closing Thoughts

An indoor herb garden is a great gift for any home cook as well. In addition, one of these simple-to-use kits is a great way to teach children how to grow and care for plants.

With an indoor herb garden in your home, you and your family get a bit of entertainment along with layers of flavor you may have never known existed.

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