The Best Memory Foam Pillow From Serta Will Fix Your Sore Neck

I resisted memory foam for years because I don’t like firm pillows. At least that’s what I thought. But it turns out that the best memory foam pillow on the market fixed my sore neck, shoulders and head.

My old pillow, I found, was doing more harm than good. I bought two or three new traditional pillows because mine was old and flat, but the new ones made my neck hurt worse. I ended up giving them away and going back to my old one.

When I played with memory foam in stores, it always seems like it was almost fighting back. Surely it would put too much pressure against the back of my head and make things worse.

But that’s not how memory foam works. The weight of your body compresses the foam, then it doesn’t snap back right away like other foams and filling materials. That delayed response keeps you from feeling the pressure — and that’s the secret to how the best memory foam pillow can support your head without putting pressure on it.

I may not be explaining this well, but that doesn’t matter. The important thing is that now I’ve tried a memory foam pillow, it’s the only kind I’ll use.

Looking for Memory Foam Pillow Reviews?

If you’re looking for memory foam pillow reviews, I can save you the trouble of looking any further. Choose the Serta Stay Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow — available from Amazon — and get on with your life.

Before I found this model, I didn’t even know there were Serta pillows on the market. But since Serta is a respected name in mattresses and other bedding products, it makes sense that they’d make pillows. There are actually a number of Serta pillows available, but this simple one with a classic design has proven to be the right one for me.

In addition to the benefits of memory foam, this pillow also has a thick gel layer on one side. While the standard memory foam side works fine for me, the gel side adds a bit more support and stays cool, so it’s great for hotter nights. Some people think memory foam pillows can get hot because they’re so dense — and I don’t like being hot at all — but I honestly haven’t noticed this problem.

Even this best memory foam pillow on the market has two drawbacks, however. First, it’s very heavy. And second, it can’t be scrunched up like a regular foam or down pillow — but that’s okay. It’s comfortable enough you won’t need to scrunch it.

This pillow comes with its own cover so you don’t have to buy one separately to protect it — although may want to add an inexpensive pillow cover for further protection if you sweat a lot. The included cover is made of 100 percent Egyptian cotton with a liner that’s 90 percent polyester and 10 percent cotton.

If it’s important to you, this pillow is also made in the USA.

A Few Final Tips About Serta Pillows

Some people have noted that this pillow isn’t tall enough for side sleepers, but I got used to it after a few nights. If you still don’t find it tall enough after using it a couple of nights, you may want to try placing a cheap foam pillow under it. That gives your pillow extra height while you still get the benefits of the memory foam against your head.

Also, don’t be afraid to use your memory foam pillow as you would any other pillow. The first night I used mine, I tried to leave it in place and adjust my neck to it, but I didn’t sleep very well. The next night, I pulled my Serta pillow around as I used to do with my foam pillow. As it turns out, I don’t like my pillow to be perfectly square with the wall — and you may not either. Plus, I seem to move the pillow during the night to a new position several times, and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

If you have problems with pain in your shoulders, hips or back during the night, you may also want to explore memory foam mattress toppers. These are a bit more of an investment, but they also help a lot.

If you want the best memory foam pillow on the market, I’m sold on the Serta Reversible Gel-Memory Foam Classic Pillow. It gives me the comfort I need at a price that’s pretty reasonable, especially considering how much of a difference its made in my life.

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