Where To Buy Low Power Reading Glasses

Low power reading glasses aren’t as hard to find as they once were — and you have some options. A couple of years ago, your only choice was to pay a really high price from a less-than-reputable online dealer or have some special made for you. (I tried both, and I’m glad there are better choices now!)

Today, Amazon offers choices that might be right for you. Since we’re spending more time at the computer than ever before, eye doctors are realizing the benefits of low power readers for those with good eyesight but who suffer from eye strain, and product makers are offering more choices to meet the increasing demand.

Low power reading glasses are the perfect solution if you can see pretty well but experience eye strain, chronic dry eye and other symptoms when you use the computer for an extended time — as many of us are forced to do for our work, play and to keep up with friends and relatives.

So what choices are available? Keep reading.

Amazon Low Power Reading Glasses Choices

There are now a number of good choices for low power readers on Amazon. As I said, a couple of years ago there were none on this popular go-to site, so things have improved a quite a lot.

If you need 0.50 reading glasses, for example — lenses with a magnification of 50 diopters — you can get a simple, affordable 3-pack with spring hinges on Amazon that might serve your needs perfectly. These block glare fairly well — which you’ll need for comfortable computer use. When you see the price, you’ll see that these glasses are a great deal. Simple and no-nonsense in design, this product appeals to a wide range of people. While this particular pack seems to be marketed toward women, the style would be fine for men too. And it may not matter if you intend to wear your glasses only when working at a computer at home anyway.

If you need 0.75 reading glasses — lenses with a magnification of 75 diopters — or greater magnification, you aren’t left out. Have a look at the same product and you’ll see that you can choose from a variety of magnifications to fit just about every need. This versatility makes this the one type of low power reading glasses from Amazon that I recommend the most.

More Options

For the greatest array of choices, however, you can still order low power reading glasses from the Zenni, the least expensive option out there and a company that’s easy to do business with. Because I like and respect this company so much, I create an entire article on the Clear Your Eyes website that explains how to order low power reading glasses from Zenni Optical.

I genuinely thought my career as a writer and online entrepreneur was over when I went to the eye doctor and was diagnoses with computer vision syndrome and chronic dry eye. But he offered me some hope: use lubricating eye drops and order some low power reading glasses. I got the drops right away — and I finally found a company that would provide me the readers I needed.

Today, you have more options than ever before, even if you need the lowest power readers — and you can order exactly what you need now. There are no hassles, no searching for styles and no reasons to wait.

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